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Case Studies

Redditch Fire Station – 13/11/2021

Numbers Attended: 25 pupils and 7 Adults

On the 13th of November, we were able to visit Redditch Fire Station. We were given a full tour of the station including upstairs in the living area. We were told how the bells work and a firefighter showed us how the pole worked. We were then given a full tour of the engine and we were all surprised with how much equipment that they had to carry. The fireman told us they actually have fewer fires now and more RTA so their jobs have changed a lot over the years. They also spoke about the different routes into the job, one of them had been a teacher before changing to become a Fireman.  We then saw a demonstration of how all the breathing equipment works and how restricting it is. Finally, and the best part of the day the students were let loose with the hose. All our pupils and most teachers had a go.  It was fair to say there were a few wet bodies on the way home. This was an excellent trip, all the firefighters were really helpful and happy to answer any questions. I would fully recommend this employer visit to all schools.

Full Case Study – Redditch Firestation

Visit to Bumble Hole foods – 24th January

Numbers Attended: 15 pupils and 5 staff

We were very lucky to be able to visit Bumble Hole Foods in Bromsgrove. Prior to the visit, we completed health & safety and medical questionnaires provided by the company. The visit started by all students stopping at the weighbridge and it was explained to the students that all lorries are weighed as they enter and leave so that they can account for all products. Students were asked to guess what the combined weight of them all plus staff would be. Next, we were all kitted out in protective clothing, hair covers and shoe protection and the visit started through all processes of the plant. We were able to see where all the eggs are stored in huge cold rooms and more competitions took place to guess how many eggs are stored. Our tour allowed us to witness the egg separating machines, egg boilers and coolers as well as taking part in egg smashing activities. Towards the end of the visit, refreshments were provided and competition took place to whisk egg whites by hand. Students were handed an Amazon voucher on leaving as well as additional vouchers for those students who won all the individual competitions. This was an amazing visit and one we would thoroughly recommend.

Full Case Study –  Bumble Hole foods

Construction Talk from Bloor Homes

Numbers Attended: 15

Nick Allen from Bloor Homes came into school to talk to the students about careers within the Construction industry.  This was mainly related to the types of services they use within the house building industry.  He spoke about the qualifications they may need and mentioned the types of services used such as Labourers all the way through to office staff which are also crucial to the running of the business.  He spoke about apprenticeships they offer within Bloor homes.  He mentioned that they have contracts running up until 2024 highlighting it is a booming industry and a good one for a school leaver to enter for employment. Students asked relevant questions and were interested in what Nick had to say.  Nick gave out Goodie bags and staff asked him if he would be willing to come in as part of a “try a trade day”.  He thought this was a good idea and is willing to accommodate this request. A successful employer visit.

Full Case Study – Bloor Homes