When your child starts at Kingfisher School they will go into the Transition group, which is a small group of no more than three pupils. Whilst in the Transition group pupils will be academically assessed for literacy and numeracy. This will give the school an accurate up to date assessment which will be shared with staff and used to judge whether they require either or both literacy or numercy intervention time. During their time in transition your child will also be assessed for therapeutic support. The school offers a wide range of support from mentoring, art therapy, horticultural therapy through to Clinical psychology. The school philosophy is based around developing the child holistically so that they leave the school not only with the best possible academic results they can achieve but also with the ability to self-regulate and function in an ever increasingly demanding world. Kingfisher School offers a traditional school curriculum for the majority of its pupils, however when the need arises the school is flexible. It has in the past and continues to, where necessary, offer very personalised timetables for pupils which might consist of varying degrees of time in school and at alternative educational providers. The school works with a wide variety of educational providers across the county. Pupils are assessed every term and the progress they are making is analysed to see, how as a school, how we can use the wide range of support and intervention we offer to maximise their progress. This may not necessarilly be academically, but could be across a range of other areas such as; their attendance, behaviour, social or emotional well-being.At the end of Year 9 pupils are given a choice of GCSE/BTEC subjects to choose from alongside the general offer of English, Maths, Science, ICT and PE. During Year 11 all pupils are supported to independence through college placements, one day a week. This is to enable pupils to feel comfortable and ready to make the transition when they leave at the end of Year 11.

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