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Admission to the Kingfisher School will normally be by way of a Statement of Special Educational Needs/Education Health and Care Plans.

Parents/carers may make representations for a placement at Kingfisher School. The Local Authority are responsible for making the Statement/EHCP and retains responsibility for deciding whether to name Kingfisher School in the Statement/EHCP, based on the individual needs of the child and any representations made by parents/carers.  The Local Authority is required to consult with Kingfisher School before naming it in a child’s Statement/EHCP.

Once the Kingfisher School is named in a child’s Statement/EHCP, the school is under a statutory duty to admit the child, unless admitting the child would be incompatible with the efficient education of other children and where no reasonable steps may be made to secure compatibility. Kingfisher School will notify the Local Authority in writing if they do not agree to be named in the Statement/EHCP within 15 days of the receipt of the proposed Statement/EHCP.

Full details can be found in the admissions policy on our Policies page