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Term Dates

To All Parents and Carers,

Having looked at the term dates for next year and recognised that the Autumn term will be eight weeks followed by seven weeks if we continue to follow the Local Authority holiday dates, we have decided to amend our dates for next academic year to benefit pupils and staff. We will be taking an additional holiday week at the end of the first half term in autumn, meaning pupils and staff will have two weeks off for the October half term instead of one and the half terms will, therefore, be reduced to seven weeks each. This will allow pupils to have a proper rest and chance to refresh between two very long half terms, and will allow staff to do the same so that all in school are able to be productive and at their best in the run up to the Christmas holiday.

To allow us to do this staff have agreed to take additional twilight training so that there will only be two inset days in the year, and the school will remain open until Wednesday 23rd July 2025 instead of closing on 21st July.

I can assure you that the changes will not make any difference to the amount of days learning that pupils have and that they will be in school for the same amount of time as they have always been, the only change is that the terms will be more manageable and less stressful for young people who already find long periods of concentration challenging.

Kind regards

Jay Hart